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April 30, 2020 Test

Thursday Apr 30, 2020

BEAUTIFUL must be the mountains whence ye come,  
And bright in the fruitful valleys the streams, wherefrom  
          Ye learn your song:  
Where are those starry woods? O might I wander there,  
  Among the flowers, which in that heavenly air          5
          Bloom the year long!

Elven, MInas Tirith

April 29, 2020 Test

Wednesday Apr 29, 2020

short descriptiom

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Effie April 28 White Paper Test

Tuesday Apr 28, 2020

Top Description Field:  Thou by the Ganges side shoulds't rubies find

Tolkien; Rohan

2nd white paper test April 28

Monday Apr 27, 2020

Top Description:  And in that very moment, away behind in some courtyard of the city, a rooster crowed. 

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Effie's White Paper Test - Title Field

Wednesday Apr 08, 2020

Bottom Description Field - Why dost though thus, through windows and through curtains call on us.


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